• Maskara



    Magic volume and amazing length!

    • BENEFITS The effect of a dramatic volume 
      Extremely long lashes 
      Alcohol- and fragrance-free
      Long-lasting without falling off 
      An intensive black color
    • FINISH Up to 11 times greater volume and 90% longer lashes.

    The magic double cap turns the brush into a unique tool: One second it is a thick brush that will add volume to your lashes and make them as black as coal; the next it is a contouring brush that makes your eyelashes endless while combing them. The creamy texture with a panoramic effect covers your lashes with a film and creates a compact shiny surface that allows multiple applications of several layers without sticking together and caking.
    Waxes contained in the mascara will fix and curl your eyelashes while providing them with plasticity and fullness.
    Keratin, panthenol and vitamin E provide nourishment, moisturizing, regeneration and protection.




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